Best View CCnR’s draft

Best View Pre Plat-Sheet 1 8217 (2018_07_29 19_47_48 UTC)

Best View Quad-A1 FLOOR-A1 FLOOR

Best View Quads Stabilized+Budget+Proforma+MFL

Sunny Ridge Subdivision LFX (8.4.17)-Landscape Plan 24×36

Featuring Post-Modern design  and an urban feel, the Best View Quads in South Nampa are located near major employment centers down 12th avenue and are close to Northwest Nazarene University.

The design of the subdivision features building separated by a central walk which gives the project a very urban, downtown feel while still showcasing a small park for children. Friendly family parking access along the northern boundary of the property keeps the road access clear of pedestrians.

The buildings have a brilliant Post Modern design featuring flat roof lines frequently interrupted to add to the urban feel and the variable siding finishes which harmonically create a unique visual effect. Each unit is accessed from a shared private entrance and has a private outside activity area. Each building has 4 units, 2 of which are ADA approved for access. With growing numbers of elderly and other people who need access assistance this INCREASES any investors’ pool of renters. The ADA accessible units have 3 dedicate bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms. The non-ADA accessible units have 2 dedicated bedrooms with a “flex” room which could be utilized as an office, guest room or storage rooms. These units also have 2 full baths.

This developers of this project are expecting final plat approval in early winter of 2018 and aim for a completed construction window of early summer/late spring of 2019.